The Project

Start: 1/9/2019 ——— End: 31/8/2023

Project Reference: 611293-EPP-1-2019-CZ-EPPJMO-NETWORK
Project description: Digitalization, robotization and cybersecurity should not be a chaotic process, but on the contrary, it must be regulated by the „smart“ and appropriate legal rules, which on one side will reflect the peculiarities of mentioned phenomena, and on the other side will ensure their compliance with the rule of law principles. The introduction and implementation of new legal rules, tailored exclusively for these purposes, is extremely crucial right now. The project concerning its ratione materiae is dedicated to the analysis and solving of these challenges resulted from global usage of modern technologies.

Legal issues of Digital Single Market and competition law in digital economy.

Consumer protection in the on-line world.

Legal regulation of robotization and algorithm-based technologies, including the legal status of electronic persons and its correlation with the field of fundamental rights, as well as other legal problems of artificial intelligence.

Legal problems of cyber security. GDPR and its impacts.

Compliance of legal regulation of modern technologies with the rule of law principles.


Analysis of the recent case-law of the Court of Justice in the field of digital technologies.

The significance of the new judicial doctrine of Court of Justice on fundamental rights, including so-called „cyber“ rights (the right to be forgotten, etc.).

Prevention of hybrid threats and the issues of effective resilience.


The methodological and pedagogical issues connected with the introduction of legal aspects of modern technologies into the Universities curricula.

Modern technology issues as a new priority field of European Union studies.

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Project structure

The project comprises a wide range of deliverables and 12 think-tank activities, including 3 conferences and 3 workshops.